Each and every day I live life to my greatest potential not only to benefit my own well-being but more importantly to set positive examples for my son.
— Driftwood Riverstone

Welcome to Pied Piper Photography!

What a glorious day it is. The sun is shining. Birds are chirping.

Oh! Hello friend. Almost missed you there. Hey if you can spare a few minutes I would love to tell you how Pied Piper Photography came into existence. Divine intervention? Perhaps. Read on . . .

As far as I recall I have always been somewhat of a magnet to children. Your children flock to me. Why? No idea. Maybe we share the same primordial wave length but that’s up for short debate another time.

After becoming dad to the most amazing little boy, naturally I started to frequent all places stroller accessible most of all parks and playgrounds. Nearly every day Rocco and I visited Crescent Lake Park (St. Petersburg, FL) where he practiced field sports and learned how to climb up the slide just after sliding down. While those moments have come and gone I managed to capture a number of stills and every time I look at one it brings me back to the time and place—scents and all. That’s the power of an exceptional photograph.

Over the years I’ve met a lot of beautiful people at Crescent Lake. For now, though, I need to shine a light on one grandmother in particular.

Grandma—let me tell you. She is one strong woman. Whenever I think of her I send positive vibes her way knowing the love and support she gives her daughter and son-in-law, and to the fullest extent of her capability no less. Big ups to grandma and those like her.

One sunny day, and I know it was sunny because this story takes place in Florida and like Philadelphia it’s always sunny there also, even when it rains. Anyway one day grandma marched straight toward me and with jovial tone likened me to “Pied Piper.” We shared hearty giggles and poked fun at the relevance of kids to mice, but later that evening at home I put on my thinkin’ cap and put deep consideration into what she said.


My ability to make children radiate their “Happy Light” is a gift and a gift I have possessed since childhood. I call it a gift because very few things bring me more joy than feeling the warmth of a smile from baby Buddha(s).

Fast forwarding a number of years to present day I find myself approaching a highly anticipated crossroad in life. I made the decision to change careers and place focus on my number one love outside people—writing.

Since 2011 in my spare time I’ve been writing “The Makeshift Intervention” and as it nears completion I decided to temporarily rid my life of all fillers e.g. t.v., social media, politics, unnecessary wants, etc. As it so happens what I thought would be temporary may turn out permanent.

Needless to say the void I created had to be plugged fast before it drained my creative energy but it had to be filled with something meaningful and purposeful and then it hit me.

Pied Piper Photography. Est. 4/1/19 And that ain’t no joke. Basically I upped my photography game.

One thing I know for certain is that a single photograph can brighten up any room. Also I know how meaningful it is to capture moments of our children doing what they love so that we can share their experience with family, friends and would-be jealous co-workers.

Thing is how can we possibly share an experience with our child if we’re too busy trying to photograph it? When we’re not fully present with our little ones some if not all magic contained within the moment is lost and also deeply felt. If we can prevent causing our little ones unnecessary suffering by being attentive then that is what we need to do.

The conundrum is how could you to be super-duper awesome attentive parent and take photos at the same time? You can’t. You just can’t.

This is where I come in . . .